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Do you need a data logger to collect data like temperature, current, voltage, humidity or similar ? We deliver data loggers and software solutions for many different purposes for both private companies and government laboratories.

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Data logger for a multitude of measurements

Our software package, VeeCanDAQ, is usually connected to a data logger. From the data logger, the program retrieves measurement data and converts it into relevant engineering units, i.e. temperature, pressure, humidity, displacement or whatever is appropriate to the measuring task. We have 25 years of industry experience and have throughout the years acquired excellent insight into the possibilities in the choice of sensors.

PLC programming

Do you need professional PLC programming? For non-professionals, programming PLCs (programmable logic controllers) is not always an easy matter. Feel free to contact us at VeeCan Systems for all your PLC programming needs. We ensure that you are able to connect all necessary sensors, relays etc. and make timers, counters and the like work as you intend them to.

What is PLC programming?

PLC stands for programmable logic control and acts as a small computer which automates machines for industrial production. Previously, countless relays were involved in PLC programming, but today, a single PLC can be programmed to do the same work. The first PLC programming was invented for the automotive industry, so new car models could be developed faster.

What is a data logger?

The simple definition of a data logger is a device able to store data. So, in principle, an old-fashioned belt-mounted pedometer is a simple measuring instrument with a data logger function. In laboratories, in manufacturing and in the transport industry, data loggers are a popular way of collecting real-time data.

How do data logging and VeeCanDAQ work?

First, our software, VeeCanDAQ, is connected to a measuring device – a data logger. Then, all relevant inputs are continuously scanned over a specific period of time, depending on the type of task. The required data is then sent to VeeCanDAQ which calculates and stores the data and converts it into manageable graphs or tables on the associated monitor.

Are you interested in learning more about VeeCanDAQ?

Try our online demo or contact us for advice. Please tell us a little bit about your needs, so we may tailor the demo to your needs. We will be happy to answer your questions and tell you about the possibilities of VeeCanDAQ, as well as the measurement and control systems we can offer.

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