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Thermal measurements

VeeCan Systems offers thermal measurements performed with great accuracy, so you can meet both customer requirements and any regulatory requirements. Even complex measurement set-ups are possible with our program, which can be connected to the vast majority of PLC systems. Try an online demo

Thermal measurements with great control

Thermal measurements – or measuring insulation value, as most people probably call it – is one of the types of measurement deeply embedded into VeeCanDAQ.

At VeeCan Systems, we have experience in configuring multiple measurement settings for e.g. thermal measurements. VeeCanDAQ can be used not only to measure, but also to control, external devices such as power supplies and overall safety systems.

At VeeCan Systems, not only do we offer thermal measurements. We also control the measurements, allowing us to closely monitor the effect on the test subject during measurements. As these are often quite large, we also take care of safety. That way, you can be sure that the measurement setup cannot get out of control – even in the event that a computer crashes during a test.

With the built-in sequencer, we can ensure that the program goes through several temperature set points during the same test. For example, we do thermal measurements on pipe insulation, where we measure at 10 different temperatures. The results part of VeeCanDAQ then calculates the third-degree curve which describes the product’s lambda curve.

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VeeCanDAQ for thermal measurements in most building structures

As well as using data loggers, VeeCanDAQ can communicate via OPC. This means that the limitations to how the program can be connected to PLC systems when you need precise thermal measurements are very few. Although measurement setups may seem quite complex, we are always able to integrate the program.

There is no defined limit to which products or components it may be interesting to measure. For example, we can offer thermal measurements of:


Material for doors and windows


Piping and pipe insulation


Material for walls and roofs

All you need to know about thermal measurements with VeeCanDAQ

Why are thermal measurements important?

Over the years, we have become increasingly aware of the need to save energy. In line with this trend, the need for thermal measurements to test and document a product’s thermal insulation value is also growing.

Thermal measurements of insulation values are done for many industrial products. Piping has to be isolated, and tanks or rooms must meet customer requirements, or maybe even regulatory requirements, regarding energy conservation. At VeeCan Systems, we can help with our vast knowledge of thermal measurements in these cases.

Contact us for further information or to discuss how we can assist your business with thermal measurements.

What does the law say about thermal measurements?

Thermal measurements of insulation value are described in the standard EN 13787: Determination of declared thermal conductivity. In the Building Regulations you can always find the applicable requirements for the insulating properties of all building elements in your project.

Feel free to call or write us, should you have specific questions on the legal requirements for insulation value and thermal measurements.

The following standards are integrated into VeeCanDAQ:

EN 13787: Determination of declared thermal conductivity

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