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Fire safety measurements

Fire safety measurements ensure that building components such as wall structures, roofing, windows and floors meet Building Regulation requirements. Monitor measurements on your computer and get reports and documentation on the process with software from VeeCanDAQ. Try our online demo

Measurements and performance based on your needs

VeeCan Systems provides software for PC and PLC for carrying out fire safety measurements in the building industry.

Different building components have different fire safety requirements in order for them to comply with the relevant Building Regulations. Fire safety measurements with VeeCanDAQ are based on EN 1363-1, which defines how to measure the fire safety properties of a building. EN 1363-1 also describes which data must be recorded and reported.

Control of the furnace can, of course, be set to your specific requirements for fire safety measurements. For example, it is possible to let VeeCanDAQ regulate both pressure and temperature during the test.

With fire safety measurements, you can ensure that all building components meet fire resistance requirements. The provisions depend on the type of building, and our software and equipment can be adjusted to your fire safety reporting needs.

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VeeCanDAQ is suitable for fire safety measurements of


Walls with insulating material


Floor structures


Doors and windows




Insulation of ventilation ducts


Securing ductings and penetrations between fire cells

All you need to know about fire safety measurements with VeeCanDAQ

Why are fire safety measurements important?

To protect us in case of fire, requirements have been established for e.g. fire safety measurements which manufacturers of building components must follow. Fire safety measurements ensure that all buildings have a high fire resistance. Most people are inside buildings for most of the day. If a fire starts, it is important that fire and smoke do not spread faster than we can get out of the building, just as it should be possible to, hopefully, save the building.

With fire safety measurements and high standards for building components’ fire resistance, we can avoid large fires where it is difficult for the authorities to rescue people from the building.

What does the law say about fire safety measurements?

Buildings must be constructed to protect against fire and to stop the fire from spreading to other buildings.

Legislation regarding building components’ fire resistance is part of the Building Regulations. In addition, there are requirements for e.g. escape routes and emergency procedures, fire safety installations and measures for preventing fire and smoke from spreading.

In addition to EN 1363, the following standards are also integrated into VeeCanDAQ

EN 1182: Reaction to fire for products – Non combustibillity test

ISO 9705: Reaction to fire tests – Room corner test for wall and ceiling lining products – Part 1: Test method for a small room configuration.

EN 14390: Fire test – Large-scale room reference test for Surface products.

EN 13823: Reaction to fire tests for building products – Building products excluding floorings exposed to the thermal attack by a single burning item.

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