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Fatigue testing

Your product must meet customer and, perhaps, legal requirements for robustness and safe use. At VeeCan Systems, we have extensive experience with designing fatigue tests, enabling you to more accurately measure and ensure that your product can withstand daily stresses and comply with relevant legislation. Try our online demo

Tailored fatigue test

When we build houses, for example, it is important to know that the building components are robust, so the building does not suddenly collapse. Surely, we have all heard examples of what happens when building components do not pass real-world fatigue tests, and windows or roofs are suddenly torn off in big storms.

Construction is not the only industry where fatigue tests are highly relevant before launching a product or starting a big project.

Our furniture must withstand repeated loads for years, and car doors must be able to be slammed without becoming crooked or loosening itself on the way to the summer cottage.

At VeeCan Systems, we pride ourselves on designing fatigue tests for all kinds of products, components and industries. We are dedicated to finding the best solutions – and we look forward to helping you devise just the right fatigue test for your production. This gives you 100 per cent control of safety, as well as clarity about the stress your product can stand over time.

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We perform fatigue testing in all areas and products

At VeeCan Systems, the only real limit to fatigue tests is your imagination. Wind turbine blades can be affected by sand storms and other extreme weather conditions. Insulation products can be tested with steam, for example, or to see how 50 degrees of summer heat and 30 degrees of frost affect the material.

We carry out tests of i.a. tension, pressure, extreme temperatures and either constant or variable stress on all materials. Tell us your requirements and let us find a solution for optimum fatigue testing and documentation of results.

For example, we carry out fatigue testing in the following areas:


Wind turbine blades


Ship components


Building components


Insulation products


The automotive industry

All you need to know about fatigue tests with VeeCanDAQ

Why are fatigue tests important?

When stormy weather causes the roof to collapse or tears off the wind turbine’s blades, or when the ship suddenly begins to take in water, we are reminded just how important, fatigue testing is. But in everyday life, we also need the products we surround ourselves with to be safe and rugged enough to last their expected lifetime.

With professional fatigue testing, you get accurate measurements of product robustness, allowing you to modify your product if the test shows that it does not live up to your own, the customers’ or legislative requirements.

What does the law say about fatigue tests?

Fatigue testing is mandatory in many areas of production, in order to guarantee safety. Are you unsure about legislation on fatigue testing in your production? Contact us and let us help.

Following standards are integrated into VeeCanDAQ

EN 14706: Thermal insulating products for building equipment and industrial installations – Determination of maximum service temperature

EN 14707: Thermal insulating products for building equipment and industrial installations – Determination of maximum service temperature for preformed pipe insulation

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