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Measurement with VeeCan Data Acquisition

With VeeCanDAQ, we provide software for measuring and recording almost any kind of data. With our measuring equipment you can measure e.g. different temperatures and various relevant pressure effects. Do you need standard measurement, or measuring equipment which is a bit more advanced than that? We will get the job done - regardless of scale and complexity. Try a free demo

Autonomous measurement

At VeeCan Systems, we believe in measuring equipment which is easy for the user to understand and use. For example, we can install measuring equipment which virtually takes care of itself, as soon as it is set up. Start-up is simple and can be done without any prior knowledge of measuring equipment. From then on, measurements take place automatically. If problems occur, the measuring device will send an email or SMS to the on-call support telephone. This ensures a fast response and efficient reactivation of the measurement.

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Fire safety measurements

Fire safety measurements make it possible to ensure that various building components meet the requirements laid down in the Building Regulations for fire resistance. With software from VeeCanDAQ, you can monitor measurements via your computer, and obtain reports and documentation of the process. Software and equipment can always be tailored to your specific needs.

Thermal measurements

Thermal measurements of insulation value are crucial to many products in the production industry, if they are to meet both customer requirements and regulatory requirements. At VeeCan Systems, we provide thermal measurements carried out with great accuracy. Even complex measurement set-ups are possible with our software, VeeCanDAQ, which can be connected to the vast majority of PLC systems.

Fatigue tests

At VeeCan Systems, we have extensive experience with designing fatigue tests, enabling you to more accurately measure and ensure that your product can withstand daily stresses and comply with relevant legislation. We carry out tests of i.a. tension, pressure, extreme temperatures and either constant or variable stress on all materials.

25 years of experience in measurement

At VeeCan Systems, we have been working with measuring equipment since 1992. What began as a dream of developing versatile measurement equipment is now a growing business in the field of measuring technology and user-friendly data collection.

Some of our clients have even come back for the eighth, ninth or tenth time to order additional installations for new measurements. And this is very important to us. We always do our utmost to provide equipment for measurement which is as user-friendly as the measurements are accurate and useful in your daily work.

User-friendly measuring equipment

Our measuring equipment is designed to make it easy to generate printouts for reporting. You can select printouts of the different measurements as needed, so you only get the data relevant to you at the time. The measurements can be printed ‘old school’ on paper, or you can easily transfer them to your word processor and work with your data from there. PDF conversion is, of course, also possible.

Our measuring equipment can also be set up to allow you to present measurements to your customers. Through various satellite programs, you and the customer may both track the measurements relevant to you. In the testing lab in your company, data can be collected as documentation, and from a guest area, the customer can track the measurements you chose for them.

Want our help to get started using measuring equipment with technologies which are easy for all your involved employees to use? Give us a description of your company’s measurement needs. We will then get back to you with an online demonstration, allowing you to see which measuring equipment we recommend.

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