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Product development and technical integration

Do you need competent and experienced help with product development in data collection or fire safety?

At VeeCan Systems, we have many years of experience in product development and technical integration of measuring techniques and data reporting.

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Product development and work optimisation

At VeeCan Systems, we offer product development in all types of data collection and measuring techniques. Your company can gain a lot of optimisation from the right product development. For example, our software can show you places where it is possible to reduce manufacturing costs, reduce noise or enhance functionality.

Are you and your business faced with a task where you need product development and technical integration, as well as a lot of data collection?

Then call us or try our online demo to see for yourself how we can help you.

We work with product development of software which helps companies measure e.g. wind, water, pressure, temperature or fire conditions every day. If you want to use product development for e.g. temperature logging, fire safety, data acquisition or measurement of air pressure, we can help.

We offer product development and user-friendly data collection

VeeCan Systems collaborates with a great variety of private and public-sector companies and laboratories. The company has 25 years of experience in product development and technical integration of our solutions into our customers’ businesses.

Our software is easy to use and understand – and reporting the collected data can help create an optimised workflow. Alternatively, it can ensure that everything in the production process or workflow meets the applicable rules within your field.

25 years of experience in product development

Do you need product development and technical integration of special measuring equipment for manufacturing, laboratory work, or the like? We specialise in tailored solutions for most data acquisition and process control.

Tell us about your processes, and what you need to measure. In return, we will offer you a smart, online presentation of our solution to your challenge. We have experience with product development in areas such as control and monitoring of testing processes, standardisation of thermal tests and satellite reporting.

Do you want to use GPS for geotagging? Is being able to obtain many measurement results from the same test a requirement? Or should the lab be able to test many different structures where your customer is regularly present during testing? We have wide experience of product development and technical integration of our measurement solutions. Contact us for a non-binding online discussion of our proposals for how we can help your business.