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Data collection

At VeeCan Systems, we perform a variety of tasks in data collection and data acquisition. Let us help you with a data collection solution which is easyto use and modify, and suitable for both laboratories and test rigs. Try our online demo

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VeeCan Systems can solve just about any task in data acquisition

Veecan Systems can help you with data collection for a wide range of task in data acquisition – and we welcome a challenge. Our system is called Veecan Data Acquisition and can be tailored specifically to your needs.

25 years of experience in data collection

We have many years of experience in the field of data collection, and are actually celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary this year. Back in 1989 the idea behind our data collection software arose. The company was founded in 1992, and today we are proud to say that our current concept is still based on the same idea. Obviously, we have kept track of time and developed our data collection software a long side the evolution of technology, but the basic concept remains the same.

Back then, 25 years ago, we used DOS as the operating system, and we had all of 640 kb of memory to work with. This made it more difficult for us to develop new software, but it also meant that we were constantly challenged to use a simple and clear user interface for our data collection.

This experience forms the basic understanding of our company today. Our digital data collection is performed with highest quality, and as a customer you are guaranteed an interface that is simple to use and quick to get acquainted with. In fact, our goal is that everyone should be able to understand and use our program for data acquisition in order for us to have succeeded.



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Professional solutions for data aquisition

Every task in data collection has its own needs and challenges. No matter what kind of need you have for software solutions for data acquisition, we can offer a solution.

Do you have special specifications for collecting data in testing laboratories or for a testing facility in a company in manufacturing or transportation? Then let us have a chat and together we will find the right solution to solve your task requirements.

As a general solution to many tasks in data collection, we have developed VeeCan Data Acquisition. This data acquisition package is generally known as VeeCanDAQ. With this program, the user can easily set up a measurement, without much instruction on the use of the program first.

If you are looking for more advanced data acquisition, VeeCan Systems can also provide you with more complex technology. We can enable you to perform data acquisition with many different parameters, at different temperatures and under different pressures.

Send us a description of the data collection task you are facing. We will get back to you with an online demonstration of how VeeCan Systems may fulfil your data acquisition needs.

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